Acknowledgments vii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am extremely grateful to the people who helped me in the development of this book. I am grateful for the hospice and palliative care nurses who strengthened my practice and who influenced the education I provide. I thank Terry Downing, Coby Tschanz, Della Rob- erts, Deanna Hutchings, Terry Webber, Jeanne Weis, Dr. Ann Syme, Uta Rach, Krystal Anne Murray Brown, Chelsea Know- les, Maggie Moreton, Sarita Van Dyke, Brenda Hearson, Ann Brignell, and nurse practitioners Camara Van Brennan and Janice Robinson. Thank you to the educators who have mentored me, pro­ vided insight, and shared their passion for nursing and nursing edu- cation, teaching, and learning. In particular I thank Jeanne Weis, Coby Tschanz, Joanne Thomson, Dr. Lorelei Newton, Dawn Witherspoon, Andrea Leatherdale, Leanne McKinzey, Dr. Carrie Mines, Laura Bulmer, Zola Goebel, Esther Aguilar, Dr. Gweneth Doane, and Dr. Kathy Kortes-Miller and Patricia Strachan. I am grateful for the privilege of working with these hospice and palliative care physicians in the clinical setting, with the Palliative Response Team, through educational endeavors and in international projects: Drs. Pippa Hawley, Deb Braithwaite, Joshua Shadd, Daphna Grossman, Sharon Koivu, Doris Bar- wich, Jim Wilde, Michael Downing, and Fraser Black. Working with counselors and spiritual care providers helped me to better understand the psychosocial perspective. I am thankful for the time spent with Allyson Whiteman, Elizabeth Causton, Michelle (Misha) Butot, Susan Breiddal, Michelle Dale, Wendy Wainwright, and Dr. Carla Cheatham. I am grateful for the personal support workers, including Jackie McDonald, who represents the many health care work- ers, health care assistants, and nursing assistants I have met through the years who have taught me much and who pro- vide phenomenal care for the dying and their families. I am grateful for all those who assisted in this project through research and contributions, specifically the following people: ❥ ❥ Jeanne Weis, Terry Webber, Allyson Whiteman, and Terri Litfin for their help in searching the literature and identify- ing treasures of knowledge and best practice. ❥ ❥ Dr. Kelli Stadjuhar and the Initiative for a Palliative Ap- proach in Nursing Leadership and Education (iPANEL) team for their phenomenal work on integrating a palliative ap- proach into care. ❥ ❥ Dr. John Mastrojohn, Dr. Christy Torkildson, Pam Malloy, Dr. Ira Byock, Dr. Terry Martin, Dr. Cheryl Parrott, Lynn Tobin, Marlene Lee, and Sara Collins, who helped me to understand the perspective from the United States. ❥ ❥ Michelle Dale, who shared her guidelines for family con- ferences and the analogy of the marathon of caregiving. ❥ ❥ Dr. Lorelei Newton, Dr. Janet Storch, Barbara Mason, and Erika Paxman, who helped me to explore ethics in nurs- ing and, in particular, ethics in dying and in caring for the dying person and their family. ❥ ❥ Kelsey Rounds, who contributed knowledge and research about marginalized populations and their experiences with health care. ❥ ❥ Dr. Betty Davies and Dr. Rose Steele for their research on best practices of health care professionals, which informed Chapter 3. Betty has been an example to me of excellence in nursing since the 1970s. ❥ ❥ Misha Butot, who helped write “A Personal Creed on Love in Professional Practice” and, with creative support from Coby Tschanz, Allyson Whiteman, and Joanne Thomson, worked with me to summarize the “Ten Principles of Love in Professional Practice” (based on Misha’s initial research). ❥ ❥ Dr. Darcy Harris and Dr. Phillip Larkin for their input on compassion. ❥ ❥ Elizabeth Causton, who wrote the metaphor of the “family dance” and provided content on therapeutic boundaries, roadblocks to communication, and responding to questions. ❥ ❥ Jim Mulcahy, who shared “A Story about Care,” and who shared his thoughts about care as a recipient and a care- giver. ❥ ❥ Bruce Kennedy, an expert and dedicated hospice palliative care pharmacist and researcher, who provided valuable input to the section on using opioids in hospice and pal- liative care. ❥ ❥ Cari Hoffman who provided insight and guidance for the section on advance care planning. ❥ ❥ Dr. David K. Wright, who provided the comprehensive con- tent about physician-assisted dying, and worked with me to write this excellent section.