82 Essentials in Hospice and Palliative Care: A Practical Resource for Nurses Psychosocial Assessment Tools Psychosocial Assessment Form The Psychosocial Assessment Form on pages 83 to 88 was developed to help the health care team better under- stand the person and the family, prepare to address practical issues, and record and update goals-of-care conversations. This form was adapted, with permission, from the Victoria Hospice Society’s Psychosocial Assessment Tool (Victoria Hospice Society, 2016). Its current format was developed to support HCPs striving for best practice interactions. The open boxes used for gathering information can be used by the HCP, the person, and family to free-form write or draw their answers. Consider this as your template, and adapt and tailor it to best meet the needs of people in your care. Ethics Touchstone Part 1:D. Honouring Dignity, 9 Nurses encourage persons receiving care at the end of their life to be clear about what they want. They listen to a person’s stories to gain greater clarity about their goals and wishes. Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses (CNA, 2017) Instructions: Using the form, work with the person and family to gather information about the person, the family, their care needs, and their decision-making concerns and requests. The form is a living document and can be com- pleted over time. It is helpful to attach additional pages to the form so that new changes and observations can be recorded.