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Welcome healthcare students! Life & Death Matters is your partner as you develop your skills and capabilities in palliative, hospice, and end-of-life care. Congratulations on your journey to becoming an effective and important member of the overall healthcare team. We’re glad you’re here!

As a student using Life & Death Matters resources, not only do you have access to valuable texts and workbooks to help you learn. You also get exclusive access to an extensive Resources Library with videos, podcasts, articles and more to help you integrate a palliative approach into your future career.

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Student Resources

PSW Resources

Whether you are training to become a Personal Support Worker (PSW), Health Care Assistant, Care Aide, Nurses Assistant, Patient Care Technician or a host of other job titles, you are going to work with patients with a life-limiting illness so these resources are for you. Filled with practical strategies, stories of care-giving, and real-life scenarios your Life & Death Matters textbooks, workbooks, and resources will help you learn how to integrate a palliative approach into your care practice.

When you learn the skills, attitudes and knowledge of providing a palliative approach to care, you will be able to enhance comfort and improve the quality of life for the person and their family.

Nursing Resources

Nurses care for people with life-limiting illnesses on a daily basis, which is why we developed the following comprehensive resources to help you develop your competencies in caring for people who will benefit from a palliative approach. Illustrated and printed in full colour, your texts and materials include a wide range of activities that help to develop self-awareness, best practice, practical skills in hospice and palliative care, and skills for supporting individuals through dying, death, loss and grief. Importantly, you will also learn strategies for enhancing relational skills and developing self-care as a practice.

As a student, you have exclusive access to a range of support materials and resources to assist you in your learning. With open access to our extensive Resource Library, feel free to listen and learn at school, at home, or when traveling – as many times as you want! Topics include Standard Assessment Tools, Enhancing Comfort and Managing Symptoms, Psychosocial Issues, Grief, Dementia, and more. 

Watch and listen to a few sample resources below, then sign in to your account to get full access to our growing Resource Library.

Quality Palliative Education Resources & Materials Since 2005

Since 2005, Life & Death Matters has become a global leader in providing palliative education tools and resources to Canadian, US, and Latin American colleges and universities. Palliative and Hospice Care leaders globally believe that in order for every person with life-limiting illnesses to receive excellent care, the entire team must participate in integrating a palliative approach to care. We believe that each member of the team is essential to the success of care, which is why we have developed palliative education resources for Personal Support Workers (PSWs), nurses, and educators. Family members have also found the resources helpful. The bottom line is, that we are here to support you, because at the end of the day – life and death matter.

Student Resources

Blog Posts & Articles

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Courtney Murrell is a PSW who works in hospice palliative care.

When she is not at work, she is spending time with her family, going on hikes or writing. Courtney is a lifelong learner and loves to share her passion for writing as a wellness practice.

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