Courageous Conversations: Creating a safe space to talk about cultural safety and humility

Guest Speaker: Dr. Sheila Blackstock

Host: Kath Murray

Dr. Sheila Blackstock presents on her research and understanding of cultural safety and humility. Dr. Blackstock begins her presentation around 10 minutes into the video.

3 Responses

  1. that all life matters to be found in disbelief, The unaccounted deaths of the indigenous Children and stolen out of mom’s arms of the land your on today, then told get over it.

    1. Harriet,
      You have spoken so passionately of the wrongs done to indigenous children, their parents, families, and community.
      It is so clear that there are/were times and places where “Life and Death did NOT Matter”.
      I hope that moving forward, we will come together in a way that helps all heal.

      If we were together.
      I would want to give space to be silent together.
      And so, I give space, for silence, and sitting together.

      With care.

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