Death Education Available in Movies too

Death Education Available in Movies too

Life & Death Matters Post

Movies Can Provide Death Education

While looking for Pam Fitzgerald on the web, I came across a brilliant short video about grief, living with death, and our ongoing connections with our loved ones.

In this video, clips of two movies, Last Orders (2001) and The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (2005) highlight the wishes of the departed and the desire of the living to meet those requests.

Pam Fitzgerald and Lysa Toye, are both grief counselors who discuss the death education provided in the movies. They assess the grief of the men involved in the two movies, comment on the men’s styles of grieving, and the work of caring for the body.

Film critic Peter Howell provides insights into the movies, and into coming to terms with life. It is simple, and beautifully woven together!

I recommend this as a nice introduction to grief…. have a look….


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