“Give so Victoria Hospice can keep giving” Hospice is in need of funds….

“Give so Victoria Hospice can keep giving” Hospice is in need of funds….

Life & Death Matters Post

In my late twenties we moved to Victoria and I was hired to work with Victoria Hospice. It was at Victoria Hospice that I learned about disease management, symptom management, and the dying process. I learned about being with the dying, about listening and silence, about loss and grief. I learned that some of the suffering that I had witnessed in both friends and patients throughout their dying could have been prevented with adequate education, skills and resources.

I enjoy caring for the dying, I am passionate about this work. However, I much prefer to provide this care with the knowledge, skills and resources that I have learned from Victoria Hospice. Victoria Hospice has led this work nationally and internationally. Much of the work occuring across Canada can be traced back to work initiated by Victoria Hospice. As owner and director of Life and Death Matters and LDMonline, I am concerned as I hear of the financial struggles facing Victoria Hospice. To see announcement, check this site:

Victoria Hospice in their infancy and first decade/s developed a strong foundation of excellence in patient/family care. Over the past twenty years, their knowledge and expertise has been translated into the classic texts “Medical Care of the Dying” and “Transitions in Dying and Bereavement”. The education department provides the “Medical Intensive” and the “Psychosocial Care” courses on a semiannual basis. The research department collaborates with researchers from across the country to ensure and/or discover “best practice”. This is an incredible team of people and they do incredible work!

Sponsoring Victoria Hospice will help people in Victoria and will help those further afield to provide excellent care. If you have contemplated donating money, donating to the thrift store, purchasing a text, or attending one of their courses… now is a good time to take action.


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Courtney Murrell is a PSW who works in hospice palliative care.

When she is not at work, she is spending time with her family, going on hikes or writing. Courtney is a lifelong learner and loves to share her passion for writing as a wellness practice.

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