Comedy in the midst of loss – Carol Scibelli

Comedy in the midst of loss – Carol Scibelli

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Carol Scibelli is a comedian whose husband died in 2006. Seeing humour provided her with solace, or as she calls it “grief relief”. She is wired to be funny, she presents humor that is honest and knows that laughter can be healing.

Her book “Poor Widow Me” may provide some laughter for those looking for moments of relief. Sample: “There I was, his wife, his widow, sitting between our children in the first row, reserved for the closest of family; probably the only time in life that people don’t want the best seats in the house.”

Her blog, “Last Spouse Standing” provides lots of great laughs!

My only regret of the conference is that we did not get a chance to “do dinner together” – It would have been great fun!

Thanks Carol!


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