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Care4You conference in Kingston

Care4You conference in Kingston

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Last week I attended the Care4You conference in Kingston. Francois Mathieu is Canada’s lead in addressing compassion fatigue.

Seated around “my” table were men and women who respond to a variety of crises, work in correction services, a beautiful young woman who brings “camp” to kids in hospital with cancer, a woman who teaches/leads LAUGHTER YOGA (gotta love it!) and a woman who helps people heal with the use of expressive art therapies.

The opening session was titled: “Beyond Kale and Pedicures: What really works”

Francois and her lovely and capable conference planner/organizer – Lisa, organized each breakout so there were always sessions or opportunities to learn, connect or refuel – three important factors that help prevent compassion fatigue.

I enjoyed learning and experiencing. Thought a lot about the Personal Support Workers, and how difficult their job is.

I recommend the conference to others.  And wonder if we should see if we can get Francois to come to Vancouver or Victoria… anyone interested? Drop me an email.

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