With gratitude for those who cared –

With gratitude for those who cared –

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With gratitude for those who cared for my mom, Yetta Lees Strasdine:

I give thanks for the opportunity to care alongside my siblings.

Thank you to our incredible spouses and dear friends who cooked for us and kept the home fires burning. As a caregiver for mom I did not cook, clean or wash dishes for many days.

Thank you to George, her husband, who welcomed us into their home for such an extended stay!  And to his family who we came to know in a much closer way!

Thank you to her friends the “walkie talkies” and the “book club” who were there to support her, and who offered their wisdom and friendship to each of us.

Mom expressed gratitude that she was able to access health care so quickly in a system that is often known for long waits.  She gave thanks regularly for the kind considerate care she received, including care provided by the staff in Medical Imaging at the Nanaimo Regional Hospital, the nurse with the beautiful eyes, and the Medical Office Assistants on Gabriola Island.

The surgeon Dr. John Carr was the epitome of honesty, kindness and warmth in sharing bad news and responding to her questions.

The home care nurses Dawn and Deanne were great examples of palliative care nurses working on a small island.  They responded to her needs with warmth and skill, helped us to prepare to care as her needs changed, and witnessed our process and projects.

Simon the pharmacist was accessible and responsive to the ever changing needs.

And dear Dr Bosman visited, phoned, clarified goals, shared insights, and made it possible for us to provide the care that she wanted.

How could dying not be sweet with such a wonderful team?  Thank you.

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