The New LDM Digital Library. A Game Changer for 3 Reasons

The New LDM Digital Library. A Game Changer for 3 Reasons

The new LDM Digital Library has been in the works for months and we are so happy that we could incorporate many of the features that students and Instructor have been asking for! Let’s take a look at how this new library will will change the way students use the LDM resources in their educational programs.

It’s Ultra-User-Friendly

We know that gaining access to online resources can be difficult and stressful for some people. That’s why we made the new LDM Digital Library ultra-user-friendly. It’s very simple to create your account, and so very easy to log in to access the online resources.

“Within minutes you can be reading the online text, watching a video or listening to a podcast.”

This improved digital library requires only three steps to create an account and then you are all setup! Within minutes you can be reading the online text, watching a video or listening to a podcast. Simply enter your Invite Code, create your account and YOU ARE DONE! You are delivered right to the resources. When you login next time, you arrive at the same page with the resources you want to access. Now that’s ultra-user-friendly!

the new LDM Digital library launch

All Your Resources are on the Same Page

Speaking of ultra-user-friendly, the new LDM Digital Library has all resources in the same place (see the figure below). Books, podcasts and videos appear on the same web page. And this is the user’s home page too – it’s where they land after log in. No searching for resources anymore because they are all together now on the landing page! The is true for Instructor’s too. All your resources will be available for you on your home page.

“Books, podcasts and videos appear on the same web page.”

All users need to do is to decide what to view first. Then click on the image/icon to open a book, podcasts or videos. Or you can use the left side menu to access the books, podcasts or videos. So quick and easy to use.

Figure 1: Your Home Page of Resources in the LDM Digital Library

All Books are High-Res Books, with Options for Digital Mark-up

This is an exciting change! The books are displayed in high resolution which means they can be read easily on any size digital device, large or small, new or old. Meaning you can read your text whenever you need it, wherever you are! The text and images will always be clear and crisp!

“Imagine adding your comments and notes and highlighting, right into your text as you are reading!”

Plus users can mark-up their books. This is going to be the biggest game-changer for students and Instructors. Imagine adding your comments and notes right into your text as you are reading! Or highlighting important sections in a fav colour, or adding book marks, drawing shapes, or even underlining in different colours or lines. These options support students to work creatively with the palliative care content, making it easier for them to learn. In case you are wondering, your markup is only visible to you, and you can easily erase notes, etc., at any time.

How do these options help Instructors? They will be able to add their teaching notes directly into the textbook, workbook or Instructor’s Guide. As well as to highlight parts of the text, underline, add shapes, etc. They will be able to customize the books so that their LDM teaching tools are setup to work best for their teaching.

When Will I get Access?

The new LDM Digital Library launches officially on February 1st. In the upcoming weeks, we will be inviting everyone with an existing Life and Death Matters membership to create an account on the new LDM Digital Library.  You will be able to try it out. We are pretty certain you’re going to love it! Watch for the email that welcomes you to the new LDM Digital Library!

But if you don’t love it instantly, don’t worry, the old library isn’t disappearing instantly. If you have a pre-existing membership with Life and Death Matters, you have a few months to slowly get used to using the new library while still using the old one if you wish. But, please be aware that the old library will be closing down at the end of July 2024.

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    1. Hello Julie,
      We are very excited about the new digital library. We believe students and instructors are going to love it!
      The pricing for the new digital library access is available in the Shop on our website. Pricing depends on which resources you are purchasing.
      For example, here are the products in the Canadian Shop.
      Click on the item you are interested in for pricing.

      Contact us if you have questions.

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