Sustainable Funerals, workshop in Richmond BC, Aug 31st

Sustainable Funerals, workshop in Richmond BC, Aug 31st

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Funeral Services Association of BC is sponsoring what appears to be an excellent workshop with Char Barrett on Sustainable Funerals. As I read the outline (see below), I see topics that have concerned me for years, topics that I have heard discussed by patients, families, and colleagues.  I wish I could attend, but will be in NFLD for the CHPCA conference.

Char will address:

Changing demographics

* Generation Y and “why” that matters – green, humanitarian & ethnic diversity

* Expectations of today’s consumer – informed, educated, empowered

* DIY (do-it-yourself) consumer culture and the impact on funeral service

Managing family dynamics and your role as funeral director

* Defining a home funeral vigil

* Role definitions

* Guiding family involvement in the process

*  Empowering the family to be engaged as they choose

* Changing perspectives and values of today’s consumer

* Funeral directors as guides to serve families

* Educating families of their funeral options

* Assisting families to determine if a home funeral is a good fit

Special considerations in preparing the body

* Acceptable methods of body preparation specifically using dry ice

* Assessment of body condition relative to a home funeral

* Health Issues – separating truth from fiction

* Aesthetic Issues – family’s expectations verses our own

* Embalming – home funerals and embalming are not mutually exclusive

* Suppliers providing products for home funeral and green burial consumers

Logistical requirements of a home funeral vigil and green burial

* Logistics within a home environment

* Consideration of vigil space

* Caskets and shrouds

* Conveying body within the home environment and cemetery

* Transportation of body to the church, cemetery, and/or crematory

Char herself sounds fascinating.  She obviously understands the changing demographics, what consumers are wanting, and how to change to meet those needs.

For more information go to:

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