Opportunities for community work in Nicaragua

Opportunities for community work in Nicaragua

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In March we went to Nicaragua for two weeks. The first week we stayed at “Monty’s surf camp” on the west coast in Jiquilillo a small fishing town. We soaked in the sun, met the local people and marveled at the community work that Monty is involved in.

The camp is owned by Monty (Donald Montgomery)a Canadian teacher, is managed by a warm and delightful Gerry, and the cooking/cleaning is done by a warm and welcoming team of people.

I was totally thrilled to see the projects that they are doing in the community. They built and opened a health clinic, provide regular lunches for one of the local schools, installed water filters for families in the area. Currently they are building a community center which will house the Women’s Collective and provide space for the women to sew and bake.

If you are interested in community service Monty is very approachable and can link your skills with the local needs. They have had students, interns, physicians, nurses, builders, architects, etc… come to work there.
(Disclaimer and pride filled announcement – Monty is my dear cousin!)


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