Online Support Group for Canadians diagnosed with cancer and their families/loved ones

Online Support Group for Canadians diagnosed with cancer and their families/loved ones

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Online Support Group Available For People Diagnosed with Cancer

I am writing about another innovative online resource.

As part of a nation-wide effort to provide high-quality psycho-social care to all Canadians affected by cancer, several of Canada’s leaders in psycho-social oncology partnered to provide counselor-led online support groups that are:

  • Online support groups available to Canadians diagnosed with cancer and their families/loved ones.
  • Sessions are free of charge no matter where you live.
  • Weekly sessions are 1.5 hours long and take place in “real time”.
  • Groups operate continuously throughout the year for 8 – 10 weeks at a time.

Contact the Online Support Group here

If you are interested in attending, or know someone who is, have them call Cancer Chat Canada toll-free at 1-800-663-3333 extension 4955 or 4966, or email

I first heard about this support group when I was in Winnipeg from a lovely warm woman named Jill Taylor Brown. As warm and lovely as Jill is, I really like the idea that in order to attend this group I would not have to fight my fatigue, get dressed, find the car, navigate traffic, find parking etc.! I like the idea of being able to attend the group while I snuggle in front of my fire, look out the window at snow drifts in the fields, or across cool mountain ranges, or listen to the waves lap at the shore…. Hm… sounds like my kind of support group! I look forward to hearing how the groups unfold!

I hope that support groups targeting people caring for those dying with chronic illness will develop a similar program. I image it could really fill a need.

If anyone reading has participated, feel free to comment! (What were you looking out the window at while attending the support group?)


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