Loss Grief and Growth is on Curriculum Services Canada’s website

Loss Grief and Growth is on Curriculum Services Canada’s website

It is very exciting to announce that the Loss, Grief, and Growth Resource is available free of charge for download from https://www.curriculum.org/ .
Simply go to the site, choose English or French, then choose Classroom Resources, then Supplementary Resources, and then scroll down until you come to Loss, Grief, and Growth.
Click on the link, and you will come to a description of the resource, and click to download.

Mary Kay Mac Kenzie and I presented the Loss, Grief, and Growth Resource at the Canadian Association of School Administrators last week in Quebec City. It was gratifying to see the response, to hear the interest in the resource, and to know that it fits in the school budgets (it is free!). Way to go to the Teachers of Ontario who wrote the original curriculum, and to the Funeral Associations of Ontario and Canada, and the Ontario Board of Funeral Services who provided leadership/support to bring this to fruition!

Let us know what your thoughts are as you look at it, plan to use it, and then as you integrate it either proactively or as you respond to the needs of kids when a loss occurs.

Happy Summer,


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