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Do it yourself? Care of the Body and a Home Funeral?

Do it yourself? Care of the Body and a Home Funeral?

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I like the idea of caring for the body of my loved ones from the time of death until burial.  I think it would help me to understand that death is final.  I can imagine going to the room where my loved one is lying in the still of the night.  I can imagine sitting with my dear one.  And I think I would begin to realize that although the body is present, that he is no longer “home”.  I like the idea of washing, dressing, wrapping my loved one in a soft –lined casket in the familiarity of our own home.  And I like the idea of driving my loved one to the cemetery or the crematorium myself or ourselves.

But… What does a family member need to know in order to care for the body at home, organize and carry out a Home Funeral?  Do they need permission before transporting a dead body?   As a professional in Hospice and Palliative Care, what do I need to know?  How can I best support the family?

What questions do you have?  Submit your questions, and let’s ask a Home Funeral Guide!

Kids building a casket for their teacher - retrieved

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