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My experiences at the workshop on Advancing Hospice Palliative Care in Nepal

My experiences at the workshop on Advancing Hospice Palliative Care in Nepal

Reflections on hospice palliative care in Nepal

Welcome to the colours of Kathmandu!

Colourful dyes in Khatmandu
Colourful dyes in Khatmandu

In Katmandhu on April 7 & 8th, nurses, doctors, a dietician, educators, a few community members, and a government representative gathered for two days of presentations and brainstorming to discuss the future of HPC in Nepal. This workshop was sponsored by the Nepal Association of Palliative Care, and the International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research (INCTR).

The presentations were inspiring,  the people are inspiring.

At the conference, participants were talking about:

  • the need for a national hospice palliative care policy,
  • the man who opened the doors to getting Morphine manufactured in Nepal (vs having to purchase through India) who updated participants on opioid availability,
  • two remarkable presentations on PC education in medical and nursing education.

I find it difficult to share what I am hearing, as i am not sure if I have the details all correct, and there is soooo much to write, where do I even begin?

Twinning projects in hospice palliative care in Nepal?

There are six hospices in Nepal.  I visited Bharatpur at the National Cancer Hospital last week, about a 30 min flight from Kathmandu (the drive is anywhere from 4 to 14 hours!) Bharatpur has twinned with Victoria Hospice , and they just renewed their twinning agreement to work together in sharing knowledge of hospice palliative care.

Twinning Project for Nanaimo and Nepali Hospices
Victoria Hospice and Bharatpur Cancer hospital renew twinning agreement

Today we go to Bhaktapur Hospice, just half an hour from here.  Nanaimo Hospice has been twinning with Bhaktapur hospice for over five years now. In both cases, the twinning project has fostered relationships, sharing of learning, and strengthening of programs.

While we are here members of the Nanaimo Hospice team will work on the hospice unit with the Nepali staff  and lead an 8 day workshop.

At the request of the Nanaimo team, we are adapting the “Essentials in hospice palliative care” text and companion study guide.  I have come to participate in the piloting of these materials with the nurses.  This is a wonderful experience  for me, and I am thrilled.


Meeting LDM Online Students in person!

A few of the Life and Death Matters international students

I have also had the incredible opportunity to meet several of the students who have taken online courses with us at Life and Death Matters.  How profound to meet them in person!!!







Life Matters! – Visiting and Sightseeing

Meanwhile, as all this is happening, we have visited a few Hindu sites, witnessed cremations in holy places, and bathe in the beauty of the Nepali people.

Life and Death Matters visits Nepal
A man praying

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