The emerging role of the End-of-Life Guide and Death Doula

Guest post by Deanna Cochran

All over the world, people are coming forward who want to accompany and guide others through the end of life. Some of these people are in traditional roles of nurse, physician, chaplain, etc. working through hospices and hospitals. However, there is a phenomenon happening now; people with the calling to serve others at the end of life who are creating innovative services that bridge present health and death care. We are known as an End-of-life Guide or death doula. We are developing private practices that bring forth our unique gifts. I am honored to work with these pioneers today and for the past several years.Full Post:   Read More

Hospice and Palliative Care Conference Calendar

Kath Murray - hospice palliative care speaker

Are you attending any of these upcoming hospice, palliative, end of life care conferences?

This is our schedule.

Let’s meet up and talk!

ABHES Conference in Palm Desert

February 22-24, 2017
Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa
44400 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells (Palm Springs), California USA
Visit us at the exhibit booth.

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AAHPM and HPNA Conference

February 23-25, 2017
Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ
We are attending February 24-25 and are so looking forward to meeting our American hospice and palliative care colleagues. We won’t have a booth as we are just able to attend the last few days. Contact me to meet for a cuppa! Full Post:   Read More

How to easily integrate hospice palliative care content into core curriculum

A few weeks ago, I wrote about competencies for nurses, health care workers and health care professionals. Exploring the competencies helps me identify and select appropriate content for teaching. The competencies helped guide me as I wrote the nurses text and the PSW text. Can the competencies also help educators to integrate hospice palliative care content into core curriculum? In short, yes they can. They can by helping address these questions,

“ What are the goals of this education? What do I need to teach? When in the program can I teach it?”Full Post:   Read More

Once upon a time, there were competencies

Once upon a time, competencies were developed for health care providers in palliative and end of life care. There were competencies written for nurses, health care workers (nursing assistants, personal support workers, hospice aides), physicians and social workers, and others. There were competencies developed in many lands, in Ireland and the United States, in Nova Scotia and Alberta, in Ottawa and Vancouver, to name just a few. After creation, competencies struggled to be heard and adopted and too often were not used to inform curriculum or education development.Full Post:   Read More