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The BOOMERs – thinking outside the box!

The BOOMERs – thinking outside the box!

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The BOOMERS, according to market research*, do not plan to lie down and die, they do not plan to grow old, they want emphatic engagement with life, are willing to reinvent themselves to matter, want to think about new possibilities, and want to have a pivotal role in the way things unfold in the future. 

If we want to care successfully for the BOOMERs we had better start to think outside the box… because they will be!

Response to the recent posts about “Green Burial”, “Home Funerals”, “Death Doulas” and “Death Midwives”  illustrate a strong desire to have choice in living and in dying.  I am reminded of Frank Sinatra’s song “I did it my way”!

I am excited to live at this time.  If necessity is the mother of invention… then as we face the challenges of the increase in dying, with chronic illness, over a longer period of time, with many ups and downs, fewer caregivers, crisis in health care… I anticipate discoveries, new ways of doing things, and the need to break out of the box!

What do you see the BOOMERS doing in response to these increase needs?

What do you see yourself doing to respond to the needs of the BOOMERS?


Reference: * How Baby Boomers are Changing the Way We Live Today… and They’re Just Getting Started by Walker Smith, Ann Clurman, Yankelovich Inc..

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