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Sunset and reflections – Jack Layton and Glen Campbell

Sunset and reflections – Jack Layton and Glen Campbell

Lovely evening hike with two dear young friends.  Glorious sunset, had to stop and enjoy silence and give thanks.

My thoughts go to Jack Layton’s family and loved ones.  He leaves a rich legacy of commitment, caring and courage.  I was attracted to his handsome face and warm smile.  Mostly I just admired his devotion to community.  Way to go Jack.

And today I heard that Glen Campbell (the singer/musician) has been diagnosed with Alzhiemers, has finished a final album, and is doing one last tour before retiring.  I watched an interview with him, and was impressed by his presence, and the incredible support of his wife.  Mostly I am touched that he is touring one last time.  I wish him well.  I hope that he enjoys the presentations and that the public is good to him and his family.  Because he is such a public personality, because he is willing to face the public, and because his wife is willing to “go there” as well… their public presence will further educate the larger community about Alzheimers, about loss and grief, and about love and gratitude.   Thank you.

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