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Music Care – Dare I speak?

Music Care – Dare I speak?

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It is rather funny that me, Kath Murray, dare to address music in caregiving! Kicked out of the grade five choir, (actually I did not even pass the audition), my musical instruments are limited to the radio, cd player and most recently I have taken up the iPOD.  But, truth be told I have sung to patients on the rare occasion when the words matched the moment and the person requested me sing rather than recite.

Mm-hm I want to linger,

mm-hm a little longer,

mm-hm a little longer here with you….

(Campfire song)

AN inspiring example of how music reaches the “alive inside” of people is shared in this You Tube video the “Story of Henry”.

Over the next six weeks the focus of our newsletters, blogs and online course will be on exploring ways to use music in care.  Our content will be appropriate for the generalist, the nurse, caregiver, recreation therapist and yes, even those who consider themselves musically challenged!

If you want to learn how to use music to reach people, calm, soothe, energize, provide peace or decrease stress – stay tuned!  If you want to integrate music into your repetoire of caring, or  develop a “music kit” for yourself or family caregivers to use – stay tuned!

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with Bev Foster from Room 217 to teach the course: “Music Care – Caring for the Dying Person with Music” that starts January 8th 2013!

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