Joy Berger –

Joy Berger –

Life & Death Matters Post

I met Joy at the ADEC conference in Miami in the late spring.  She is bright, energetic, brainy, AND to top that all off, she sings – and she loves to sing.  Her book, ‘Music of the Soul” links with her website of the same name.  Check out the site if you want to understand better how to incorporate music into caregiving or into self care.  Here are the questions that welcome you to the website.

What music voices your core self? Plays out your life’s stories?

What life-losses have you come through? Are you going through?

What music explores the dissonances you feel with your loss?

Moves you to hope, insight and action?

Welcome to your music, with its power to help you be in and move through your personal griefs, and ultimately, to compose life out of your loss.

Bev is a “full of hope” type person, and she brings that hope to her work.  Check her site if music resonates with you.

Joy has just been named the director of education and special projects by the Hospice Education Network in the USA. Good choice folks!


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  1. Hello there,
    I would like to say Thank you to Kathy Murray and her team for providing such helpful and necessary knowledge about life and death matters. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse , I found that this course helped me a lot in order to reevaluate and change the approach I am using as a care providers for dying people and their families. The information I was given are absolutely crucial in nursing/ caregiving. I highly recommend this program. You will be glad you have taken it.

    1. Lana, THanks so much for your email! You bring incredible strengths with you in your caregiving. I am glad that we were able to add to that knowledge and help further your education. All the best to you in caregiving!

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