Hospice Palliative Care Ontario – Annual Conference and BIG NEWS!

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario – Annual Conference and BIG NEWS!

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The Hospice Association of Ontario and the Ontario Palliative Care Association have merged to form Hospice Palliative Care Ontario! The annual conference provided the opportunity to formalize this union. Rituals of union were integrated with the Gala Dinner.

The new charter is available at https://www.ontariopalliativecare.org/pdfs/2011/HAO-OPCA_Integration_Update_Feb_22_2011.pdf

The energy of the membership was infectious. The commitment of their leaders to the process, is/was evident. And people were delighted that their fearless leader Chris Sherwood was able to attend and celebrate with them!

Way to go Ontario! Good work.

Ted and I enjoyed meeting new people and reestablishing relationships with people we have met before. Thank you so much to the people who dropped by the booth to meet us, get more information about the ‘Essentials” resources and/or the online program, and those who shared your stories and experiences with both the materials and the online courses!

Congrats to Marge Dennis who won the “Essentials in Hospice Palliative Care” manual and workbook. Glad that you can share it with your local hospice group.
Congrats to Laura Bean who won the online course! We look forward to meeting you!

Thanks to the planning committee for arranging such an outstanding conference with great speakers, workshops, food, and networking!

Warm regards,


PS Thanks Brenda from Canadian Virtual Hospice for the special memory of hot chocolate shared with Bev from Room 217 and the vivacious “Hot Chocolate Lady”!
Same time same place next year!?

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