Hopes, Dreams and Reflections at Midwinter

Hopes, Dreams and Reflections at Midwinter

To the Life and Death Matters Community,

Ted and I want to express our gratitude, care, concern and hopes as the holiday season approaches.

We are a community with diverse perspectives and beliefs. Some of us celebrate the Winter Solstice, others celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah and other faith-based festivals. For each, even within the same faith traditions, the purpose of the holiday and the celebration of the holiday will mean different things and evoke different memories. And in fact, for each individual, the meanings will vary across the years.

I love to define grief as the natural, healthy, whole person experience that helps us adapt to loss. This is such a positive way to look at grief. Yet, in the process of grieving, life as we all know can feel painful, and things that once brought joy and meaning can feel distant or non-existent. Though this may be normal, it sucks.  If this is where you are at this year, or where a loved one is at this year… we send our love and care.

I am confident in the process of grief, and I have hope that by grieving, life will get better. I believe that there are people who can help us in those darker times… and who have the skills and the presence to help us feel a bit of hope, a bit of faith that the light will come again, that meaning and purpose will return, and that we will feel the sparks of inspiration.

For me, the messages of Christmas brings me joy and have helped me through darker times. For me, knowing that grieving is healing has also brought me hope.

And for me, gathering together, sharing stories of the past, and wondering about the new brings me hope and excitement and is a reason to celebrate.

From the team at Life and Death Matters, we hope that wherever you are, you will be able to fulfill your hopes and dreams for the holiday season. And that you will find what you seek to nurture yourself and those around you.

If you feel inclined, please drop me a note, let me know how you are doing, what you are doing, and what the holidays mean to you this year.

Warm regards,

Kath and Ted,

Life and Death Matters

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  1. The holidays for me are a time of awe for many reasons:
    I am awed as I especially enjoy mass where our local priest reflects on how hard that must have been for Mary to ride that donkey so far when she was so late in the pregnancy. Let alone no place to stay etc. A time of social unrest and political upheaval. Reminders of what so many are going through even today.
    I am awed that this is the most giving time of the year here in Canada- we are lucky souls.
    I am awed and grateful, that I get to spend the time with my beautiful family including the grandchildren- so blessed.
    My holiday wish is for PEACE for All- so that everyone has the opportunity to rejoice as I do.

  2. Kath and Ted
    I love your mails – og hope. Sorrow and grief. Your love shines through.

    1. Thanks Barb,
      May your love shine through the sorrows and grief that you experience and witness.

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