Creating a Digital Estate

Creating a Digital Estate

Creating a Digital Estate

In our Death and Digital Property: What happens to your online life when you die? blog post we reviewed ways to protect your digital estate and specific online site policies.

So what is the best way to prepare your digital assets?

1. Take inventory of how much information you have on your computer and online. Write down a list of sites on which you have an account. You can download our Digital Estate Planning printable here.

2. Make a list of user names and passwords for your computer as well as for any websites or Web services where you store information or files.

3. Store these lists in a safe off-site place — don’t keep them near your computer. Make sure they are stored somewhere that your lawyer and heirs will be able to access. Remember to update this list when you change your passwords or add new websites.

4. Be sure to keep a local copy of any important documents or pictures that you keep in online storage places like iCloud, Flickr, Shutterfly, Dropbox or Google Drive.

5. Think about how you want your heirs to handle your digital estate. Would you like your Facebook friends to be able to see and post on your page after your death, or would you feel more comfortable if your profile is removed?

6. Once you have reviewed your digital information and made decisions on what you would like to do, write out a list of instructions. Talk to your lawyer about including these instructions with your will and other estate documents.

Prep your digital estate in six steps

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your loved ones have access to the photos and other valuable assets that are part of your legacy.

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