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Assisted Dying….

Assisted Dying….

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Two physicians are diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Both physicians worked at Mt Sinai Hospital. Both physicians discuss dying, death, and their thoughts on Physician Assisted Dying.

Dr Donald Low, Canada’s SARS physician.

Dr Larry Librach, Palliative Care Physician.

Both physicians are articulate, and both have great rationale behind their viewpoints.

In the coming years the courts will decide whether or not to legalize Assisted Dying. Guidelines and parameters will be set.

What do we need to know in order to enter discussion and make informed choices?

First and foremost, we must have clear definition of words and terms related to the topic.  (Who will define?  What definitions will we use?)

Second, we need to listen and learn from those who face death, those who work with the dying, and those who care for the living.

Third, if Assisted Dying is legalized, then how will we as a society provide these services?

Your thoughts?


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