Webinar | Providing Care and Applying the Platinum Rule in Palliative Care

This webinar begins by celebrating PSWs and acknowledging the work that you do. We also share ideas for celebrating both Hospice Palliative Care Week, Nurse’s Week (May 7-14), and PSW Day in Ontario (May 19th).

Providing care, especially palliative care, is rewarding as well as stressful. Michelle O’Rourke invites us to reflect and identify the ways that caregiving can transform and heal others as well as ourselves. Also, to learn why all caregivers can be considered “wounded healers.”

Michelle also discusses Dr. Chochinov’s article about applying the platinum rule in palliative care, and how it may enhance the care you provide.

In this webinar, participants will:

  • Explore the definition of ‘care’ and how it relates to their own experience.
  • Examine how the healing relationship transforms the patient and the provider.
  • Discuss practical ways to offer and experience this type of care and healing in their own practice.
  • Learn practical ways to integrate the “Platinum Rule” into their practice to enhance caregiving.

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