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Self Care because LIFE matters too!

Self Care because LIFE matters too!

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Last month when our son Geordie moved home for a few months I did not expect he would have such a positive impact on our health!  Geordie introduced us to a fascinating routine… daily visits to the gym at 0630!

Like more than a few others I feared going to the gym,  I preferred fresh air and nature to sweaty gyms and machinery, opposed monthly fees, and pathetic as it sounds, I worried about what all those people would think about my feeble attempts with weights!!

Inspired by Geordie, I bought a pass and a few sessions with a personal trainer.  Then armed with a routine and some education I began my regular visits to the gym.

Imagine my surprise to find that I actually enjoy the workout!

TV on the wall with word captions below can help make the time pass quickly.

Focusing on exercise rather than trying to have a social experience, I have time to ponder, pray and meditate.

In addition I am pleased to realize that when I do the “work of exercise” at the gym then I can simply enjoy “breathing and being” when I am outdoors.

Being a social creature, and appreciating brainstorming… I would love to hear your self care strategies to keep your body strong, and ideas to help make this an ongoing successful experience. Please feel free to reply or email.  🙂




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