Kath’s Conference Highlights – the Public Health Palliative Care International Conference

Kath’s Conference Highlights – the Public Health Palliative Care International Conference

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Public Health Palliative Care International Conference  (PHPCI)
This. Is. An. Amazing. Conference. For meeting like-minded health care professionals from around the globe.

I was interested in several presentations  where the focus was on politics and policy, and the advocating that can happen at a high level to help support, stimulate, and inspire action from the ground up. This was one way of contributing to community palliative care.

I was fortunate to talk with interesting conference attendees from Mexico, New Zealand, Rwanda, Great Britain, China and Japan, who shared a common interest of furthering a public health approach to palliative care. I was fortunate to interview #sickboypodcast host Jeremy, who spoke about living with cystic fibrosis and the work he is doing to bring together people living with serious illness by talking about it.

As always,  inspired by people who live in lower income counties and make such good use of the local community members to provide care.

The following PowerPoint presentations from the conference archives represent the wealth of effort and knowledge dedicated to the role of public health and community in providing excellent palliative care to all dying people.

The next PHPCI conference will be in Sidney Australia, and the following one may be in Rwanda.
Meanwhile, we extend our love to people throughout the world affected by natural and human-made disasters.

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Courtney Murrell is a PSW who works in hospice palliative care.

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