Palliative Care Instructional Videos

Experience the warm educational style of teaching in these instructional videos

  • Enhance classroom learning with videos from leaders in hospice palliative care.
  • Develop student’s understanding of these hospice palliative care concepts and issues.
  • Use videos to prepare students for projects and study guide activities
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the experiences of dying

Unprecedented – Common Patterns of Dying 

“We have never died like this before” is the opening statement to one of Kath’s favorite talks on Hospice Palliative Care. It’s true – the way we die now has changed dramatically over the past century. In this video you will learn how dying has changed, the common patterns of dying now and how these changes affects the dying person, their family and their caregivers.

Packing for a Trip

Preparing for a trip is easiest when you know a bit about the journey and who is going. #Dying has been referred to as a journey and, as caregivers, we accompany the dying person and their family when we provide care. This video helps you to understand the importance of preparing to care, so as to provide the best support for each person, in their journey of dying.

Applying the Idea of Baggage to Caregiving

Elizabeth Causton shares her understanding of how personal baggage interferes with providing care for vulnerable people, such as the #dying. Understanding your own baggage will help you prepare to support the dying person in their journey.

Introduction to Managing Pain

This remarkable video teaches strategies for managing pain using NSAIDs and Opioids for the dying, and appropriate information sharing with family members.

Using a role play, Kath Murray and Pat Gilbert demonstrate how to share information between a nurse and family member of a patient while talking through medications, questions and concerns about opioids. This is an excellent model for nurses to use in information sharing, while also providing basic information for personal support workers and other care providers.

Dyspnea and The Feeling of Breathlessness

This instructional video demonstrates the experience of dyspnea to all learners. Once the feeling of breathlessness is identified, Kath Murray discusses why this symptom is undertreated and describes strategies for assisting individuals with dyspnea.

This video is suitable for all levels of caregivers working with individuals who may experience dyspnea with dying.

Boundaries and Self Care

Elizabeth Causton teaches essential strategies for self care to individuals working in hospice care. Elizabeth backs her statements up with research and educates about the pitfalls of getting “too close” to the patient. An excellent resource for those new to, and those already working in, hospice palliative care..