Curriculum Mapping

Integrating Hospice and Palliative Care into Core Curriculum

Mapping new content, such as hospice and palliative care, into an existing Practical Nurse (PN) or Personal Support Worker (PSW) curriculum would be time consuming. At Life and Death Matters, we acknowledge that instructors for the Practical Nurse and Personal Support Worker programs have heavy teaching loads and tight timelines. We also recognize that the instructors may not be specialists in hospice and palliative care. These may be significant barriers to the integration of hospice and palliative care content into core curriculum.

However, the research is clear that Nursing and PSW students benefit when they learn hospice and palliative care throughout their entire curriculum. These students report feeling better prepared and more confident when providing care for the dying person and family. Moreover, students benefited the most when instruction on death, dying, and hospice and palliative care began before students embarked on their first practicum.

That’s why we have created Curriculum Mapping Documents. For each course in the PN and PSW programs,  we mapped the Learning Outcomes and Course topics related to hospice and palliative care to the relevant Life and Death Matters resources, including:

  • Textbook chapters and pages
  • Workbook questions or learning activities
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • PowerPoint presentations

The Curriculum Mapping Documents (example shown in Table 1) show you how to seamlessly integrate hospice and palliative care throughout the PN and PSW core curriculum. This makes a double win – instructors can integrate hospice and palliative care into curriculum and students benefit by being better prepared to care for the dying person and family.

Use these Curriculum Mapping Documents to guide lesson planning and seamlessly integrate hospice and palliative care content throughout PN and PSW core curriculum

Table 1: Sample of Curriculum Mapping Document for BC HCA Program

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