Music in the classroom… some of my favorites

As much as I lack expertise in integrating music in care at the bedside, I enjoy integrating music in education!

Using music and art in teaching can stimulate thinking while simultaneously transcend the thinking and move the learners to feeling, exploration, and new insights.

To open the door for discussing the use of music in education, I will share a few of my personal favorites that have spoken to me over the years.  Though they may not be the songs that will stimulate or inspire your students, perhaps they will stimulate you to have your students suggest music that speaks to them of the issues you are teaching.Full Post:   Read More

American Cancer Society Awards Its Medal of Honor to a palliative care physician!

Yahooo!  Way to go!  Good choice!

Dr. Diane E. Meier, one of the leading figures in the field of palliative medicine, received the Medal of Honor for Cancer Control in recognition of her pioneering leadership of the effort to bring non-hospice palliative care into mainstream medicine. Her work as a researcher, physician, and policy advocate has greatly improved quality of life for patients, survivors, and their families, and has inspired an entire field of professionals. One of her enduring contributions is making palliative care accessible throughout the trajectory of cancer, so that patients now can receive care focusing on quality of life even at the early phases of illness.Full Post:   Read More

Are you prepared for an emergency?

Just after the Care4U conference, and just after comparing the need to be prepared for bad weather with the need for people with dementia to be prepared for declining health I saw the following tweet by LTCA of Manitoba.

RT @LTCAManitoba: With winter weather coming, are you prepared for an emergency?

In this short video clip with Dr Romayne Gallagher she discusses the importance of families talking with one another about their personal values, their wishes for care during the  living-dying process. Romayne reflects on the importance of asking the  question “What would Dad want”. She discusses advance care planning as an ongoing conversation.  Romayne also shares research and some of the challenges families face when making decisions for loved ones.Full Post:   Read More

Special Musical Moments and an upcoming online course

Just ask my kids… if anyone sings to me they have my heart! (and I will feed them dinner.)  I fell in love and married a man who sings, but does not sing solo and does not sing on demand! He did sing to me once though… a love song of sorts… While driving with all our kids to Mexico in the old VW van he turned to me and sang

“Ol’ faithful,

we’ve roamed the range together…

when the roundup days are over,

there’ll be pastures full of clover,

for you,

my faithful friend of mine.”Full Post:   Read More